Why Should I Have A Mentor?

IT CAN be tough at the top and sometimes those people that work for you…well, sometimes they just don’t get it.

So who do you talk to when you’ve got problems or to share your frustration, particularly if your spouse or partner isn’t interested and other people aren’t on the same page as you?

It’s times like this that having confidant or mentor can allow you to unload and share what’s frustrating you or impeding your goals. Choose a person who understands business, can complement your skills and align with your business objectives.

With a careful choice you can find someone who can:

  • Assist you to achieve businesses objectives
  • Share management and business problems
  • Help you identify and take advantage of new opportunities
  • Bring learning and new competence into your business
  • Implement change with you
  • Introduce new ideas and networks
  • Monitor progress and keep you on track; and
  • Celebrate wins with you.

The old saying “a problem shared is a problem halved” may have been based on scientific fact, according to a new study. Californian researchers have proved that the best way to beat stress is to share your feelings – and sharing with someone in the same situation yields the best results.

Frustrated and need help…give Rowen a call and halve your problem.