Use Harrison Assessments to Find the Right Employee

Harrison Assessments are pre-employment tests that help you form a deeper understanding of job candidates.

As a HR consultant, I often hear about new hires who don’t live up to expectations. Clients say to me “Rowen, I don’t get it. The candidate had a great resume, performed well at the interview and the references were very positive. But they just didn’t fit in. What went wrong?”

When it comes to choosing the right fit for a specific role, there are many factors to consider. It’s not only about how suited the candidate appears on paper in terms of their knowledge and experience but also about how their personality and behaviour fit in the business.

What are Behavioural & Work Preference Tests?

Behavioural and work preference tests are used by employers to discover a candidate’s traits relevant to the role.  More than just a straight personality profile, behavioural and work preference tests, like Harrison Assessments, help employers identify candidates who fit the culture and values.

By assessing the candidate’s motivations, attitudes, values, environmental preferences and interests, Harrison Assessments give employers a more comprehensive picture than just a resume or interview.

And even though they are called tests, there are no right or wrong answers.

Why Use Harrison Assessments?

An ideal working relationship is one where both the employee and the business benefit. Happy, settled employees are more likely to engage with the organisation, perform strongly and importantly, remain in the role.

There are three key advantages to using Harrison Assessments:

1. Save time and money

Hiring new staff is a time-consuming and costly process. Just think of the administrative and monetary cost of interviewing candidates, hiring and training new employees. This cost increases considerably if they are not the right fit and the selection process needs to be repeated. Choosing the right candidate improves employee retention and avoids these extra costs.

And most on-line tests in the market can produce very detailed reports without the need of human input, further reducing the time and money invested in the hiring process.

2. Prevent bias

Employment profile tests help you set aside unconscious bias so you get to know candidates for who they really are. Unconscious biases are social stereotypes you apply to groups or individuals without being aware you’re doing it.  Everyone has unconscious biases – the key is to be aware you have them so they don’t act as an impediment to hiring the best person for the job.

As a supplementary measure, tests help to accurately evaluate and predict a candidates’ performance and competency. The measurement avoids prejudice since it is equally applied to all applicants and allows you to standardise the recruitment process.

3. Build the best team

Human capital is the most valuable asset of organisations. Profiling tools help you to hire diverse talent with personal and work values that are compatible with your team and your customers.

Are Employment Tests For Everyone?

Always consider the ethical and legal side of employment tests. When used correctly, the application of the test doesn’t represent any legal threat – they are actually one of the best ways for your organisation to protect itself legally.

However, it’s important to know when to use these tests. According to the Australian Psychological Society, factors such as disability, language, or other physical or mental conditions can affect test performance. In such cases, ensure your business takes steps to help candidates perform well without compromising the purpose and test results. This includes:

  • Providing or allowing individuals with visual or hearing problems to count on support aids.
  • Ensuring that people with diverse language backgrounds have a sufficient command of English to understand the concepts and statements of the questionnaire. Or use an assessment product which is available in multiple languages.

Why Smart Advantage Uses Harrison Assessments

Finding the right candidate among a qualified and experienced crowd has become an art.  We believe smart employers benefit from using effective and ethical tools to help them unearth the most suitable candidates.

Smart Advantage uses Harrison Assessments, an internationally recognised and award-winning system, because it recognises every individual is unique and avoids the common practice of categorising people into simplistic personality types and labels. And it can be customised the test to the specific needs of your company.

Are you interested in using employment tests in your recruitment process or changing your current provider? We are Master Distributor of Harrison Assessment products. And, as experienced HR consultants, Smart Advantage will guide your business on how to implement profiling tests in your business.

Call Rowen or Catherine at Smart Advantage on 1300 552 763 to discuss how can we help.