Are Employers Getting What They Pay For?

IF you are needing to recruit or are evaluating your staff, here are two critical questions you need to consider. 

1) Why do we employ people?

2)What do we pay people for?

We pay people to do that job well, be enthusiastic, come up with solutions, stimulate our thinking, add value to our business and make our lives’ easier.

This expectation has applications across a full range of job roles. It is critically important when looking for people that employers need in management or supervisory roles.

Employers’ thirst for enthusiastic people who can consistently show initiative, recognise opportunities, challenge them with ideas and be reliable – at all levels in their business.

This brings into focus what employers should expect for their money, and depending on the job type, required traits can be identified which may include.

  • Initiative
  • Enthusiasm
  • Wanting a challenge
  • Desire to lead or guide others
  • Analytical ability
  • Willingness to accept decision making authority
  • Organised
  • Collaborative; and
  • Willingness to enlist cooperation.

Smart Advantage has the ability to score these traits and preferences in people  and determine likelihood of success in job roles.

Make sure you get the return from your employees for what you are paying; take action or seek help to narrow the gap if necessary.

Rowen Gransden – Founder

Smart Advantage | Master Distributor of Harrison Assessments.