A Way Out of A Career Trap 

FEELING trapped in a career can be depressing, thinking you’ll never be happy, wondering ‘what-if” and feeling alone.

You’ve probably compared yourself to that friend who’s been happy in their career choice since high school? Right?

Well, Smart Advantage and Recruit Smart director Rowen Gransden says it’s easy to be trapped, and depressed, but also just as easy to do nothing about it.

He says your skills can be used in other career directions – but be sure to get the right advice. This means seeking advice from an external source – a mentor, successful friend or a career professional.

Sometimes family advice can be biased by inherent beliefs, experiences, attitudes and their own desires for ‘your success’.

“Career professionals can’t be biased,” Rowen says.

“They can look at you as a blank canvas and work with you to identify career options.”

Rowen uses Harrison Assessments’ ‘Career Reports’, which provide insight into your strengths and best career fit.

Take the Harrison Assessments’ online 25 minute questionnaire and allow Recruit Smart to gain predictive insight into your career path options, and identify  specific jobs that you are likely to enjoy and be successful in.

Recruit Smart will also produce a report detailing “Your Greatest Strengths”.

Remember, if you feel trapped in your job, it will generally reflect in your attitude, performance and interactions with others – and they will notice.

To help you get out of the TRAP, here are two ‘Do’ and ‘Don’t’ tips.


  • Find someone who can help you with career clarity and direction to establish a vision or who can reaffirm that your own thoughts are valid.


  • Don’t stay in a job you dislike because you will never perform to your peak abilities and forever wonder ‘what-if”.

For more information, visit Smart Advantage here and click on the Harrison Assessments tab.

You can also view our Recruit Smart Careers‘ page, which lists current job openings by clicking here.

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