Management Consulting

We provide management consulting services, partnering with business owners who need help from an independent professional.

Broadly these services can involve;

  • Providing assistance to achieve businesses purposes and objectives
  • Solving management and business problems
  • Identifying and taking advantage of new opportunities
  • Enhancing learning and bringing new competence into an organisation
  • Implementing change

Typically issues and/or improvement opportunities are recognised in the areas of


More specifically, assistance can be provided to management in the following ways:

  • Providing information and/or specialist resources
  • Establishing business contacts and introductions
  • Providing opinions and independent ‘sounding board’ advice
  • Undertaking diagnostic work
  • Developing action proposals
  • Reviewing systems and methods
  • Planning and managing organisational change
  • Training and developing management and staff
  • Keeping ‘on track’ with regular reviews of action items

We partner with you and your team and will tailor our services to your needs and budget.

Smart Advantage - Management Consulting